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        Jinan XUNKE CNC machinery co., LTD is a collection research and development, production, sales for the integration of CNC machinery manufacturers. Since founded in 2002 at the start, has been committed to carving CAD/CAM technology, CNC numerical control technology research and development, in precision engraving machine design and process technology has made great progress, has realized the automation control technology to the transformation of industrialization process.

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        Unified national telephone number: 0531-88698616

        Fax: 0531-88693618

        Phone: 15688860529

        Address: north road teachnolosy of industry Huang Taiwan plant north East Yang industrial park no. 159-35


        All Rights Reserved jinan XUNKE CNC machinery co., LTD. All Rights Reserved 2010 telephone: 15688860529

        The most professional engraving machine manufacturers in shandong to provide:

        Stone carving machine Woodworking engraving machine Advertising engraving machine nuclear carving machines, metal engraving machine Cylinder engraving machine Laser engraving machines, plasma cutting machine All kinds of heterotypic carving machine CNC machining center and engraving machine engraving machine price quotation Engraving machine engraving machine agents dealers

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